Lill Sport

High-quality Swedish gloves used by best skiers around the world.
They were used and are using by the best in the white track for training and race.
galerie: lillsport
History of this brand is coming back to 1936 and the story leads us where else than to the centre of winter-Olympics sports in Lillehammer.
Famous cross-country skiers Lasse Granqvist together with Thomas Wassberg and Gunde Svan set up the company and ensured that the company could grow and develop their own products. Over time they have become Swedish leaders of innovation and nowadays they are part of the company Granqvist AB.
A significant factor in the way of development is the endeavour to keep the production in central Europe due to the high-quality local raw materials like elk, reindeer, deer, lamb leather and the calf and pork-based products. Everything is going hand-to-hand with hand-made production and daily guard of local masters.
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